Being Univocal, Being Equivocal: Scotus and Suárez

Thursday, 12 July

5.00–6.30: Keynote Address, Georgio Pini (Fordham Univeristy): 'Scotus's Approach to Univocity and Equivocity: Context and Arguments’

7.00: Dinner for Conference Participants 

Friday, 13 July

9.00–10.00: Richard Cross (University of Notre Dame): ‘The Division of Being and Scotus’s Argument for the Existence of a First Cause’

10.00–11.00:  Lukáš Novák (Charles University, Prague): 'Suárez's Notion of Analogy: Scotus's Essential Order in Disguise?'

11.00-11.15: Coffee Pause

11.15-12.15: Jakob Leth Fink (University fo Gothenburg): ‘Suárez’s Use of the Analogia Entis: A Somewhat Suspicious Note’

12.15–1.30: Lunch

1.30–2.30: Brian Embry (University of Groningen): ‘Suárez on the Being of Beings of Reason’

2.30–3.30: Fr. Philip-Neri Reese (University of Notre Dame ): 'Francisco Suárez, Metaphysical Principles, and the Ratio Entis

3.30–3.45: Coffee Pause

3.45–4.45: Shane Duarte (University of Notre Dame): Translation Session 

Shane Duarte has prepared an English translation of Metaphysical Disputations II (De ratione essentiali seu conceptu entis) which he has kindly made available to the participants of this conference.  During this session, he will discuss some of his translation decisions and offer some difficult passages for our joint consideration. Conference participants will be invited to offer feedback and constructive criticism in anticipation of his final revisions before publication.   

7.00: Dinner for Conference Participants