Principles and Praxis

A Conference in Honor of Fred D. Miller, Jr.


Double Tree Inn, Tucson, Downtown Convention Center, 9-11 December 2021


Sponsored by:

  • Center for the Aristotelian Tradition, University of Notre Dame

  • Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, University of Arizona


Conference Schedule:


Thursday 9 December 

  • 6.00: Welcome Reception  and Opening Dinner, Double Tree Inn


Friday 10 December 

  • 7.00-8.30: Breakfast, Double Tree Inn
  • 8.30-10.30: Session One
    • Georgios Anagnostopoulos (UC, San Diego), 'Aristotle and Rawls on Economic Inequalities and Justice’ 
    • David Keyt (University of Washington and University of Arizona), ‘Dealing with Aristotle's Indefensible Ideas’
  • 10.30-11.00: Coffee Pause
  • 11.00-1.00: Session Two
    • Mahesh Ananth (Indiana University Souh Bend), 'Aristotle's Theory of Light'
    • Carrie-Ann Biondi (Higher Ground Education), ‘The Aristotelian Foundations of Montessori Education’
  • 1.00-2.00: Lunch, Double Tree Inn
  • 2.00-4.00: Session Three
    • Julia Annas (University of Arizona), 'Knowing and Doing in Plato'
    • Allan Silverman (The Ohio State University), ‘Reason and The Good in Plato’
  • 4.00-4.15: Coffee Pause
  • 4.15-6.15: Session Four
    • Ronald Polansky (Duquesne University), 'The Practicality of Aristotle’s Politics’ 
    • Susan Prince (University of Cincinnati), ‘Opposites, Contraries, and Sub-Contraries in Εarly Texts of Aristotle’
  • 7.00 Dinner: El Charro 


Saturday 11 December

  • 7.00-8.30: Breakfast, Double Tree Inn
  • 8.30-10.30: Session Five
    • Catherine Zuckert (University of Notre Dame), ‘Socrates’ Search for Self-Knowledge’
    • Nicholas Smith (Lewis and Clarke College), ‘"Childish Frivolity”: Plato's Socrates on Poetic Interpretation in the Protagoras’
  • 10.30-11.00: Coffee Pause
  • 11.00-1.00: Session Six
    • Errol Katayama (Ohio Northern University), ‘Aristotle on ἀπὸ τέχνης’
    • Lawrence Jost (University of Cincinnati), ‘Is the Prime Mover an Efficient Cause by Touching Without Being Touched?’
  • 1.00-2.00: Lunch, Double Tree Inn
  • 2.00-4.00: Session Seven
    • Jennifer Baker (College of Charleston), ‘Plato and Prison: What Are We Doing When We Take Away Freedom?’
    • Rachana Kamtekar (Cornell University),‘Relativization and Explanation: Two Platonic Responses to Co-Present Opposites’
    • 4.00-4.15: Coffee Pause
  • 4.15-5.15: Session Eight
    • Christopher Shields (University of Notre Dame), 'From Actuality to Goodness'
  • 5.15: Closing Remarks
    •  Fred D. Miller, Jr.
  • 7.00: Closing Dinner