The Center for the Aristotelian Tradition is housed in the Philosophy Department, but welcomes associates from across the University.  Some faculty listed here have primary research interests in Aristotle and the Aristotelian Tradition; others are less centrally involved, but all have done work impinging on it by engaging issues pursuant to it.  

Philosophy Faculty:

  • Sara Bernstein: Metaphysics, Causation 
  • Therese Cory: Medieval Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas, Arabic-to-Latin Transmission, Philosophy of Mind and Cognition
  • Richard Cross: Medieval Philosophy and Theology, History of Philosophical Theology, Duns Scotus
  • Stephen Dumont: Medieval Philosophy 
  • Rev. John Jenkins (President, ND): Medieval Philosophy, especially Aquinas, Philosophical Theology, Aristotle
  • Sean Kelsey: Aristotle, Ancient Philosophy  
  • Daniel Nolan: Metaphysics, Teleology 
  • John O'Callaghan: Medieval Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas, Thomistic Metaphysics
  • David O'Connor: Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy and Literature 
  • Michael Rea: Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Hylomorphism
  • Nicholas Teh: Philosophy of Physics, Metaphysics, Aristotle's Natural Philosophy, Intentionality 
  • Paul Weithman: Contemporary Political Philosophy, Ethics, Medieval Political Philosophy 
  • Emeritus:

Affiliated Faculty

  • Robert Goulding: Program of Liberal Studies, Director of History and Philosophy Science, and of the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values: Renaissance Science, History of Magic, Renaissance Philosophy (especially Ramism)




  • 2020: Klaus Corcilius, Tübingen
  • 2020: Christoph Horn Bonn  
  • Fred D. Miller Jr. (BGSU/University of Arizona)
  • 2018: Daniel Heider, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic: 'Francisco Suárez´s Philosophy of Perception'
  • 2018, Youhui Yu, Nanchang University: 'Virtue and Character' 


  • 2018: Le Feng, Renmin University, 'Aristotle's Theory of Moral Desire'
  • 2017: Wang Hua, Normal University of Beijing, 'Nous Poiêtikos'
  • 2016: Thomas Harb, Humbolt Univeristy of Berlin, 'Theorien der Privation im Aristotelismus'

Graduate Students

Current Graduates

Completed Graduates

  • 2019: Fr Raphael Mary Salzillo, 'The Soul as a Part in Aquinas'
  • 2017: David Squires, 'A Defense of Aristotle's Constituent Ontology'
  • 2016: Allison Murphy, 'Living Well with Others: Aristotle on Friendship'
  • 2015: 'Anne Siebels Peterson, 'Hylomorphism in Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Constituent Ontology without Derivative Diversification'  (Winner, Review of Metaphysics Dissertation Essay Contest)