Reading Groups

Each year members of the faculty hold ongoing Greek and/or Latin reading groups.  In recent years, our pattern has been to select two texts, with two different objectives.  In one group, we read a Platonic dialogue or other fourth-century prose; in this group we aim to cover as much terrain as is practicable, with a primary goal of attaining fluency.  For this purpose, we concentrate on matters of grammar and diction.  In the other, more advanced group, we typically select a text of Aristotle; here we move much more slowly, concentrating on exegetical and philosophical puzzles while introducing matters of philology and textual construction, with an eye towards attaining professional mastery.

Students at all levels are encouraged to participate.  The only criterion is a willingness to learn: every participant must take an active role in translating and interpreting.

Current Reading Groups

  • Intermediate Greek Group: The Attic Orators 
  • Advanced Greek Group: Aristotle, Metaphysics I


Past Reading Groups

  • 2019-2020

    • Intermediate Greek Group: Plato's Republic at the rate of about ten Stephanus pages per week.  
    • Advanced Greek Group:
      • Autumn: Aristotle, Metaphysics A
      • Spring: Aristotle: Metaphysics A and I
  • 2018-2019
    • Intermediate Greek Group: Plato, Laches
    • Advanced Greek Group: Aristotle, Metaphysics A
    • Latin:
      • Autumn: Aquinas, De unitate intellectu 
      • Spring: Aquinas, De virtutibus 
  • 2017-18
    • Intermediate Greek Group: Plato, Gorgias
    • Advanced Greek Group: 
      • Autumn: Aristotle, Metaphysics H
      • Spring: Aristotle, Metaphysics A​​​​​
    • Latin: Aquinas, Commentary on Aristotle's Physics i-iii
  • 2016-17
    • Intermediate Greek Group: Plato, Gorgias
    • Advanced Greek Group: Aristotle, Metaphysics H
    • Latin: Aquinas, De spiritualibus creaturis