Each spring, the Notre Dame Center for the Aristotelian Tradition hosts an intensive workshop centered on a single text or topic, drawn from different periods the Aristotelian tradition.  The CAT Workshop provides an opportunity for junior scholars to spend time with a senior member of the profession in intensive investigation and discussion.  Typically, the Workshop will feature a keynote address on Friday evening, followed by six-eight sessions by younger philosophers on Saturday.

We also host occasional shorter term visits from leading faculty from around the world.  These occur sporadically, and will be announced in this  space.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • 25 January 2018: Oliver Primavesi (Ludwig-Maximillians-Univeristät, Munich): 'Alexander on Eudorus on Aristotle on Plato'

It also supports workshops and smaller conferences on allied topics throughout the university. 

Past Workshops: