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All humans, by nature, desire to know. —Aristotle, Metaphysics A 1, 980a1

The Center for the Aristotelian Tradition promotes research and teaching in the philosophical tradition which was inaugurated by Aristotle in antiquity, flourished in the Islamic and Catholic medieval traditions, and continues down even to the present day, when we are witnessing a remarkable renaissance of interest in philosophy conducted in an Aristotelian idiom, in metaphysics, in virtue ethics, and in political and legal theory.  

The Center fosters research and discussion, both historical and systematic,  in all aspects of the Aristotelian tradition, promoting dialogue within and between sacred and secular approaches.  Its core activities include: offering graduate and undergraduate instruction; conducting professional conferences and workshops on the campus of Notre Dame and at its Global Gateways; and sponsoring visitors to Notre Dame, whether graduates, post-doctoral researchers, or distinguished visiting faculty. 

We welcome inquiries about opportunities for graduate study and research at the University of Notre Dame.